What you can do in this highly competitive market

As you know, the real estate market in Monaco is very competitive – not just for the limited quantity of properties, but especially for the large number of real estate agents in the Principality. It almost feels like the are three real estate firms at every corner!

You want to sell your properties quickly and for the best price to not only impress the sellers but their sphere of influence as well – nothing works better than positive word of mouth. Let’s face it, when they are ready to list a property, sellers often ask their friends and family for advice. You want to these people to mention your real estate agency.

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We offer a variety of professional services that you can take advantage of to strengthen your listings and your reputation, but for now we will just focus on professional photography. Some homeowners or real estate agents may try to save money by skimping on a professional photographer; however, you can put your listing at a great disadvantage just to save a few euros.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why professional photography is essential when selling a real estate property:

Finding someone who doesn’t own a cellphone these days is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even though they come with a camera that may seem high quality, they simply won’t provide you with the same kind of professional quality that a high-end DSLR camera, lighting equipment and light staging expertise provides. These benefits come along with a real estate photographer.

With a cellphone camera, you can end up with photos that are:

⦁ Low-quality
⦁ Grainy
⦁ Out of focus
⦁ Blurry
⦁ Unedited

By hiring an experienced real estate photographer, you know you’re in good hands with professional experience. Do you have any listings this week we should book you in for?

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