Are your standards high enough?

We have high standards. Really high. Some may even call us perfectionists. But that’s what you want when you’re hiring a real estate photographer. Have you ever received a photo and the sky was grey? That’s unacceptable. We don’t do that to our clients.

  • We take the time to edit your photos to perfection. That includes removing unwanted items (if we didn’t catch them during our pre-stage), creating a sky that reflects a bright blue and sunny day, and ensuring crisp, clear quality that will dazzle potential buyers.
  • We give add-ons at no extra cost. We know you want to be elevated against your competition. Our complimentary exterior photographs will take your listing to new heights with a stunning view of the surrounding areas.
  • We take a moment to pre-stage before taking your photos. That means turning on essential lights, adjusting the sheets over the bed frame, and making minor tweaks that we’ve known to make a picture standout.

Our mission is to be the most recognized leader in the architecture and real estate visuals industry. To do that, we have to constantly evolve and produce the best creative work possible. We’re always learning, growing, and developing new ways to bring value to your real estate marketing. Have you considered a 3D Tour of your listing? Let us know if you’d like more details!

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Fabien Ottonello
Fabien OttonelloSOSPIX
Creative designer, photographer, digital marketing specialist, and entrepreneur


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